This blog is mostly dedicated to presenting solutions to computing problems that I ran into and figured out how to solve.  By profession I’m an Oracle database software developer, but I’m interested in a lot more than that, computing-wise.  I also do a lot of video editing, like to play with GIMP, and dabble in Perl, PHP, and Java.  I work on Windows systems exclusively at home, but at work it’s a mix of Windows workstations and UNIX/LINUX servers.

Since I like to play with these tools, I constantly run into problems while I’m trying to do stuff.  Like everybody else, I Google for tips, advice, solutions, tutorials, etc., and often I find that the final answer is never in one place.  Tutorials usually present generic examples, and solutions, tips and advice pages might clue me into one aspect of the problem, but not provide enough detail to let me fit that piece in with the entirety of what I’m trying to do.

I thought it might be useful to create my own blog, and give detailed explanations and solutions to things I wanted to accomplish, had difficulty figuring out, but ultimately achieved.

Maybe someone will find it helpful.  Let’s find out.


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