Calling for Boycotts Is Most Likely Futile

The latest outrage among so-called Progressives is the news that In-N-Out Burger (INOB) donated $25K to the GOP in California. Obviously this signifies IaOB’s total commitment to racism, homo-and-trans-phobia, and white supremacy.  In the minds of the SJWs of the state, the proper response is to call for a boycott.

The problem with this approach is that it’s probably a good bet that very few of the people offended by the donation to the Party of All Bad Things are INOB fans in the first place. More likely, this boycott will end up like the abortive effort against Chick-Fil-A, where the call for boycott only increased sales.

Progressives are famous for pointing out how the deplorables often “vote against their interests,” which is SJW-speak for “not how we think they should vote.” Now we have an entity clearly voting for its own interests, and being vilified for it. In a high-tax state like California, how could a business support the party that would tax them out of business in the name of “the right side of history”?

They couldn’t and they didn’t, and the Left’s response is as predictable as ever. Apparently, it’s only valid to “vote your own interests” if those interests coincide with the Left’s.


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